The Match Of The Century

2014-07-10 EnglandVHungary2+
The Hungarian national team of the early 1950s became known as the Magical Magyars. On November 25th, 1953 they played at Wembley in what the English press dubbed ‘the match of the century’. The Hungarians were the world’s number one team and England had previously been defeated only once at home. (WP). The Hungarians won 6 to 3. In total, they were defeated once between 1950 and 1956 – in the World Cup final – and were among the first teams to play “total football” (WP).
The mural above is in Budapest was completed in October 2013 by Neopaint (welovebudapest). The central image is one of a set of Getty images from the match. Video of the entire match: English-language commentary | in Hungarian – Hungary’s first goal comes after 35 seconds.
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Camera Settings: f2.6, 1/575, ISO 50, full size 2046 x 1368
2014-07-13 is the date of the 2014 world cup final X02020

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