You Are Now Entering Free Gaza

2014-10-03 FreeDerryGaza2+
Here are two recent pro-Gaza versions of the gable at Free Derry Corner. The first, above, shows four children from the Baker (or: Bakr) clan, running from an Israeli rocket bearing the Star of David, leaving behind their football on the beach at the port of Gaza. Ismael Mohamed Bakr (9), Ahed Atef Bakr (10), Zakaria Ahed Bakr (10), and Mohamed Ramez Bakr (11) all died; three other children and one adult were wounded. (For more background, see Stad An Slad/Stop The Slaughter). The second, below, shows a Palestinian shedding a tear in the colours of the flag before becoming tears of blood. Images courtesy of Peter Maloney.
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Copyright © 2014 Peter Maloney
Camera Settings: f5, 1/750, ISO 80, full size 4000 x 3000
2014-10-03 FreeDerryGazaTears2+
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Copyright © 2014 Peter Moloney
Camera Settings: f3.8, 1/750, ISO 80, full size 4000 x 2168
text: M11319 M11228 end genocide in gaza ishmail soccer keffiyeh

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