Polish trade union Solidarity was formed in August 1981 and the youth section (Solidarność Młodych) in December. June 4th, After years of protests and strikes, 1989 saw elections in which Solidarity was allowed to stand in 35% (= 161) of the seats in the Sejm (lower house) and in all 100 seats of the recreated Senate. It won every seat – except for a single Senate seat, which was won by an independent – leading to the collapse of the Communist government (WP). “Wybraliśmy wolność” – “We chose freedom” – is a celebration this year (2018) including an exhibition of photos from 1989 by Krzysztof Miller. In the years that followed, Solidarity lost its role as a political party and became a standard trade union. At Warsaw Centrum (metro station), ticket kiosks block the historical mural.
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Copyright © 2018 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f4.6, 1/125, ISO 250, full size 4896 x3456
text: X06019

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