A Planet Of Light And Heat

The Northern Star newspaper began publication in 1792 in Wilson’s Court, Belfast, under the editorship of Samuel Neilson, to cover local news and express the views of the United Irishmen. It became so popular that it survived until 1797, despite the Irishmen being outlawed in 1793 with the declaration of war between Britain and France and Neilson being arrested in 1796. Walter Cox, editor of The Irish Magazine And Monthly Asylum For Neglected Biography) wrote a ‘Sketch Of The Life Of Samuel Neilson’ for the September, 1811, edition (p. 396 ff) and wrote that “The Northern Star, under his managment, was indeed a planet of light and heat; its influences were commensurate with its circulation and its circulation was only restricted by the ocean. It warmed the cold; it animated the feeble; it cheered the afflicted; it stimulated the intrepid and instructed all. Pernicious dogmas, false reasonings, slavish superstitions and gothic prejudices, which broke the people into different sects and marshalled them against each other, disappeared before it.” (O’Brien 1998 | History Ireland)

The mural – in Wilson’s Court, Belfast – is by Rob Hilken and called “Light And Heat”.

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