Jesus, I Trust In You

Jesus, I Trust In You, also known as the Divine Mercy, is associated with Sr. Maria Faustina Kowalska – see previously What We Knead | This Image Is Blessed). This mural was painted in 1991 (or before) – see M00990 for a photo from that year – and was repainted in 2018 (Derry Journal).

It is one of only two straightforwardly religious murals currently extant – the other is the Medugorje mural in Ardoyne, Belfast. (There were murals in 1981 with religious themes but aimed at supporting the hunger strikers – see the Visual History page on Sheppard’s Cú Chulainn.) There were two paschal lambs in the New Lodge (C00111 and X05651) and Padre Pio was painted in Ballymurphy; a Sacred Heart statue is used to memorialise people in the Bone (and Jesus was tagged in east Belfast).

Click and click again to enlarge (to 1000 x 750)
Copyright © 2023 Paddy Duffy
Camera Settings: f4, 1/250, ISO 100, full size 2049 x 1537

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