The Proclamation

Robert Ballagh’s 1916 Proclamation was first painted as a mural by Mo Chara Kelly and Risteard Ó Mhurchú in 1991 for the 75th anniversary of the Easter Rising (see Cáisc 1916 which also contains the Ballagh piece). That version stood for ten years on the Whiterock Road. It has reproduced again in Ard An Lao above the hunger strikers, after the removal of several plaques (see All Our Dead). “With special thanks to Hugo Óg Wilkinson”.
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Stormont Must Go

New political party Saoradh (Fb | Tw) is advocating a boycott of the upcoming (March 2nd) Stormont election, claiming that Stormont espouses “the co-dependent ideologies of imperialism, sectarianism and capitalism”. The tarp shown above lists various problems and scandals (“Nepostism, fraud, corruption, phantom community groups, NAMA, sectarianism, jobs for the boys, Red Sky, RHI scandal”) and evokes the spirit of 1981 hunger striker Bobby Sands: “Everyone Republican or otherwise has their Part to Play.” Also visible are a board celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising (see versions in Andersonstown
Ardoyne | St James), an éirígí mural featuring Patrick Pearse, and a call for the release of the Craigavon Two (previously featured).
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Unsung Heroes

“In memory of the all the unsung heroes off [sic] this area who’s [sic] hardship, sacrifice and support during this struggle for Irish freedom will never be forgotten by the Belfast Brigade óglaigh na h-éireann.” The plaque depicts the work of print-makers (“Smash H-Block Armagh”), marchers carrying portraits of hunger strikers (“Mid Falls supports the women of Armagh”), bin-lid rattlers, and muralists (the mural shown is Free Ireland, which was at the bottom of Beechmount Avenue).
Previous work from Hugh Clawson: The Lark And The Bin Lid | Conway Mill
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Mol An Óige Agus Tiocfaidh Sí

“Praise youth and it will respond – the laughter of our children – the joy of our hearts.” A young Bobby Sands is shown in the front right, part of the Stella Maris soccer squad for 1967; he would later “respond” by becoming an IRA volunteer and hunger striker.
The plaque to the hunger strikers was originally on the left of the previous ‘1798’ mural, and the plaque to the deceased from the “greater Newington area” was embedded in it – see M03672.
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Let There Be No Bitterness

Michael Gaughan’s final message included the line “Let there be no bitterness on my behalf, but a determination to achieve the new Ireland for which I gladly die” which is loosely quoted in this hunger strikers Ardilea Close (in the Bone) mural. He is buried with Frank Stagg in Leigue Cemetery, Ballina. (WP)
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