End Internment

2013-06-19 EndInternment+
“End British internment of Irish citizens.” Republican stencil on Springhill Drive at the junction with Ballymurphy Road.
Previous images with the same slogan: Stencil in Queens Parade (New Lodge) | Martin Corey board on the Springfield barracks.
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Ballymurphy Memorial

2013-05-06 BallymurphyMemorial+
Memorial stone on Springhill Avenue in Ballymurphy to deceased republican volunteers from the area. This stone can be seen in the middle distance in first image in the post White Line, Black Flag.
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text: this monument was erected by the republican people of greater in proud and loving memory of all those volunteers from the area who gave their lives in the fight for irish freedom unveiled by gerry adams 12th may 1985 i ndíl cuimhne i gcónai ag na poblachtánaigh ón cheantar barr clunai also of the civilians who died at the hands of the british army r.u.c. u.d.r. and loyalist extremists mcparland kane maguire meehan sloan mccormick campbell magee dougal mccrudden clarke parker quigley mulholland o’rawe mccartland mulvenna pettigrew bryson teer stone mcgrillen tolan mcwilliams delaney o’neill jordan doyle mccracken mcgeown plough sunburst

White Line, Black Flag

2013-05-05 HungerstrikersAbu+
The anti-Thatcher slogan on Black Mountain above Ballymurphy was replaced with “Hunger Strikers Abú”. May 5th was the anniversary of Bobby Sands’ death in 1981 and a “white line” protest took place – marchers walk down the white line in the middle of road – with participants bearing Sands’ image and carrying a black flag.
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2013-05-05 WhiteLineBlackFlag+

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X01083 X01086

Marian Price – Whiterock Rd

Marian Price (WP) mural, Whiterock Rd. Launched May 13, 2012. Owen Paterson (with one “t”) was replaced last week as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland after five months in office. Charges against Price were reinstated on September 5th (Slugger). Marian Price poster .

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text: X00629 free marian price is owen patterson’s political hostage, end internment

Springhill–Westrock Massacre

This is a new mural by Mo Chara Kelly (with DD Walker, Michael Kelly, and Ta Heath) commemorating the deaths of five people shot by British Army snipers in 1972: Paddy Butler (39), David McCafferty (15), Margaret Gargan (13), John Dougal (16), Fr Noel Fitzpatrick (40). The snipers fired from JP Corry’s timber yard (shown on the right) and at the time the Westrock bungalows were still standing (shown lower left). “Belfast’s Bloody Sunday. On the 9th July 1972 the British Army murdered 5 Irish citizens and severely wounded 2 others. It’s time for the truth.”

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Lady In Red

2002? Ballymurphy mural commemorating females (including several Cumann na mBan members) who died in the troubles. Based on a picture of Mao’s China? Significant breaking of the frame.

Information from CAIN on four of the women shown.

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text: X00065

Safe House

00073 2004-07-27 TolanSafeHouse+
IRA volunteers Tommy ‘Toddler’ Tolan (in blue), James (Jim) McGrillen and John Stone (seated at table), and Michael Kane (foreground) are pictured in a safe house in Ballymurphy, with plates of sandwiches and a cache of weapons. The women are Annie Adams(?) and Kathleen Moore(?). Tolan is also depicted at a larger scale on the right of the mural; in the original (2001) version, Tolan was dressed in fatigues and carried a rifle (image at CAIN), but this was changed within 18 months to a brown suit as in the image above, which is from July 2004 (full image at CAIN). The large Tolan figure is preserved in the 2014 mural Working Class Heroes and the other five are included anew.
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2001 mural to Jim Bryson and Patrick Mulvenna in Ballymurphy, both holding serious weaponry. The plaque is directly on mural and the medallion portraits breaking the celtic-knotwork frame.

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text: X00053 oglaigh na heireann

Three Volunteers

Ballymurphy mural to three local PIRA volunteers. From a photo at CAIN, the plaque reads “I ndíl chuímhne Oglach Edward ‘Mundo’ O’Rawe, Oglach Robert McCrudden, Oglach Pearse Jordan Who gave their lives for Ireland’s freedom.”

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Close-up below …

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text: X00042 X00043 dedicated to vols bobby mccrudden, mundo o’rawe, pearse jordan, in passing this mural pause a little while, pray for us and erin, then smile X00042 X00043

Belfast Graves

Ballymurphy mural using symbols of ancient Ireland to commemorate four modern volunteers and two other deaths. Plaque directly on mural. Portraits directly on the knot-work frame.

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text: X00048 Belfast Graves “And all around are monuments that bear a martyr’s name, True patriots who fought and died to kindle freedoms flame, Jimmy Quigley, McCormick and O’Neill with Magee brave, Remember them, they died for us and found a martyr’s grave.” I ndil cuimhne volunteers eamonn teddy michael. alice franklin, mary fegan