New Basque mural, unveiled today in Beechmount. Not sure what the designs to the left and the right are.

Previous Basque mural on Divis St

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Below, a young traditional singer from the Basque country singing before the new mural.

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text: X00576 X00577 saoirse; askatasuna; belfast basque solidarity committee; free all basque political prisoners

Cuba – 50 Years Of Revolution

Pro-Cuba mural on the international wall and criticism of the Obama regime’s continuation of the US blockade. “The world opposes US blockade of Cuba. Time for a change Mr Obama.” “UN General Assembly resolution Oct 2008. Countries opposed to the blockade: 185. Countries in favour: 3 (US, Israel, Palau)”. “¡Aqui no se rinde nadie!” [There’s no giving up here!] (For criticism of Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, on the international wall, see this mural.)

The word “Venceremos” would later be addd on the left; see M05637.

To the left of this mural, to the right of this mural. Was previously ‘Cuba (Stop Plan Bush)’ (M03522).

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text: X00296 1959 50 years of revolution 2009 ¡aqui no se rinde nadie!, un general assembly resolution oct 2008 countries opposed to u.s. blockade 185 countries in favor 3 (US, israel, palau), the world opposed us blockade of cuba time for a change mr obama