This is a new mural in support of the Basque country and in particular political prisoners, unveiled today as part of Féile 202 in Beechmount. The designs to the left and the right are described in a comment below – thanks BasqueMurals.

Previous Basque mural on Divis St

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Below, a young traditional singer from the Basque country singing at the launch of the new mural.

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text: X00576 X00577 saoirse; askatasuna; belfast basque solidarity committee; free all basque political prisoners

Cuba – 50 Years Of Revolution

Pro-Cuba mural on the international wall and criticism of the Obama regime’s continuation of the US blockade. “The world opposes US blockade of Cuba. Time for a change Mr Obama.” “UN General Assembly resolution Oct 2008. Countries opposed to the blockade: 185. Countries in favour: 3 (US, Israel, Palau)”. “¡Aqui no se rinde nadie!” [There’s no giving up here!] (For criticism of Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, on the international wall, see this mural.)

The word “Venceremos” would later be addd on the left; see M05637.

To the left of this mural, to the right of this mural. Was previously ‘Cuba (Stop Plan Bush)’ (M03522).

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text: X00296 1959 50 years of revolution 2009 che guevara heroico ¡aqui no se rinde nadie!, un general assembly resolution oct 2008 countries opposed to u.s. blockade 185 countries in favor 3 (US, israel, palau), the world opposed us blockade of cuba time for a change mr obama