Belfast Culture Night 2012

Belfast has just (Friday 21st) had its fourth annual culture night and budding muralists were out in force. Here is random sample. Above is NOTA (none of the above)’s piece on shop shutters in North Street. Update 2013-02-28: A NOTA tag at Belfast Snapper.

Below is Praise, with a blue-and-white-constructivist-paper-cut-out.

Praise’s piece is on the wall at the bottom of the wheel-chair ramp into (what was) the NI Tourist Board. Just around the corner, on North Street itself, we have this electrical box with white crosses with ‘Get Paid’ slogan, signed PB (??)

This group didn’t have a name …

‘Visual waste’ was also there; here’s his tag stencil. We’ll have the finished products from Visual Waste and from Praise in a couple of days.

Here is video of various artists at work …

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