Free Derry Corner – Rear

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The first recorded version of the back or “inside” of Free Derry Corner is an Irish-language version of the slogan on the front – Anois Tá Tú Ag Dul Isteac I Saor Doire – in 1983


In 1984, the scandal over the SDLP’s support for the name “Londonderry” drew comment:(M00235)


Éire Amháin, Pobal Amháin (1985)

(M00421 M00271)

Assemble Creggan Shops (1987)


There are four images from 1990. We think the order is as follows:

Free The Birmingham Six – March on January 28th, 1990

(M00776 M00777)

Easter 1916 (M02508)

Derry Volunteer Commemoration – March on June 24th, 1990(M00784)

Save Dessie Ellis – 13th day of Ellis’s hunger strike would be October 23rd, give or take a day.


In 1991, for the tenth anniversary of the hunger strike and the 75th anniversary of the Easter Rising, the theme was ‘Celebration Of Resistance’ (M00982)

Foreign Funds (1992) (M01054)

With the Hume-Adams initiative and the first ceasefire in 1994 came demands for the removal of the British Army (and disbandment of the RUC and release of political prisoners)

(M01120 M01117 M01118 M01119)

This one is dated as 1995 but perhaps pre-dates Slán Abhaile, given that the wall has not been cleaned and painted: Building For The Future


Repatriate All Political Prisoners Now (1997)

Gasyard Wall Féile (1997)(M01305)

SF Building A New Ireland (1998)(M01384)

Battle Of The Bogside 30th Anniversary (1999)

Zero Tolerance To Violence Against Women (2001)

(M01406 M01407)