Recommended: Click on the ‘Full Screen’ icon (top right, looks like a camera viewfinder) to see a larger version of the map.

The map shows locations of the murals, graffiti, and street art in Belfast/Béal Feirste, London-/Derry/Doire and elsewhere in Northern/north of Ireland. Please send corrections to

Huge thanks to PRONI and SpatialNI for making historical maps available.

Click on a pin for additional information and photographs. For each work, information is presented in the following order: title; date of creation (und = unknown); artists (unk = unknown); link; reference number; other dates; any other information

Artists: “GK” = “Gerard ‘Mo Chara’ Kelly”, “DD” = a Short Strand muralist, “ML” = “Marty Lyons”, “MD” = “Michael Doherty”, “ROM” = “Risteard Ó’Murchú”, “LQ” = Lucas Quigley

Reference numbers: “M” indicates the collection of Peter Moloney; “CCDL” indicates the Tony Crowley collection at the Claremont College Digital Library, “CAIN” indicates the Jonathan McCormick collection at the Conflict Archive on the Internet

Key – Pin Types
Dot: Image (Mural/Board/Stencil-Image)
No Dot: Words (Graffiti/Banner/Stencil-Word)
Pin: Building or Scene

Key – Pin Colours
Blue: Loyalist/Unionist/Protestant Area
Purple: Loyalist, not featured on ExtrAct

Green: Republican/Nationalist/Catholic Area
Cyan: Republican, not featured on ExtrAct

Red: Non-Sectarian Area
Mauve: Non-sectarian, not featured on ExtrAct

In the list, the order of areas covered is:
west Belfast – Republican
west Belfast – Loyalist
north Belfast
east Belfast
city centre
south Belfast
Strabane to Bangor

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