Mountpottinger Road

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East Belfast is solidly PUL but there is a small CNR area immediately east of the Lagan, known as Short Strand, home to roughly 6,000 Catholics – about one tenth of the population of east Belfast.
St Matthew’s (Catholic) church on Bryson Street serves as the north-east perimeter of Short Strand and was the site of a gun battle in the early Troubles in which three people were killed and which proved the strength of the recently-formed Provisional IRA (Battle Of St Matthew’s).
Mountpottinger Road is a main north-south route through the area. The northern end was in former times heavily industrialised (hence the street names “Chemical Street” and “Vulcan Street”) but all of that is now gone. The eastern wall of the bus depot that was built on part of the old works yards provides a long surface and a prominent site for republican murals.
1998? Claiming Equality
D00771 W00529 s,strand1 98+
D00773 W00422 rep. orange. s,strand2 98+
D00772 W00423 rep. orange. s,strand3 98+
(D00771 D00772 D00773)
1995-2005 Rísteard Ó Cíonga/Richard J King’s Éire and locals; Proclamation side-wall later became a Sands quote
D00259 W00335 rep. eire strand+
2000 The Clockwork Orangemen

D00906 W00281 rep strand clockwork 2000+(D00906)

Éire with Sands quote
Hunger Strikers
D00904 W00283 rep strand h block 2000+
D00905 W00282 rep strand h block 2 2000+
(D00904 D00905 see also M01689)
End The Siege Of Short Strand (David And Goliath) painted over far right of Hunger Strikers
Free Sean Kelly
(Unattributed X05608)
Charlie Monahan
Bobby Sands
Éire mural with portraitsM02906+
Wear An Easter Lily replaces Free Sean Kelly
Palestinian Flag
(M06874 2011 image of 2009 flag | M04918 | X00500)
Wear An Easter Lily replaced by Understand The PastM05647+(M05647)
Two murals added in blank space to the left of Éire. Vote Ó Donnghaile …
… and Dublin, Belfast, Cork And Donegal
2014 – The wall is completely filled in: three IRPWA murals are added in the corner, along with a JFTC2 mural, and Éire is replaced by a Gaza solidarity mural.
Charlie Monahan (2006) | IRPWA (2014) | Maghaberry (2014) | Short Strand Supports POWs (2014) | JFTC2 (2014) | Vote Ó’Donnghaile (2011) | Dublin, Belfast, Cork, And Donegal (2011) | Short Strand Supports Gaza (Do Not Disturb) (2014) | Understand The Past | Palestinian Flag (2009)

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