New Lodge Flats

The image above (click through for a larger view) gives the names (both old and new) of the New Lodge “houses” (tower blocks) and the pairs of hunger strikers that appear on six of the seven buildings. The information is also given in the table below.
For some images of the portraits of hunger strikers, see this Extramural Activity post and this Peter Moloney post.
Name (Irish) – Name (English) – Location – Name (Previous) – Hunger Strikers Teach Mhéabha – Maeve House – New Lodge Rd. & Duncairn Pde – Templer – Hughes-west, O’Hara-east Teach Eithne – Eithne House – Lepper St. & Duncairn Pde – Alamein – Sands-west, McCreesh-east Teach Fhinn – Finn House – Westernmost of the central trio – Alexander – Devine-north, Hurson-south Teach na bhFiann – Fianna House – Northernmost of the central trio – Dill – McElwee-north, Stagg-south Teach Oisín – Oisin House – Southernmost of the central trio – Alanbrook – Lynch-north, Doherty-south Teach Chú Chulainn – Cuchulainn House – Next to motorway – Churchill – Gaughan-north, McDonnell-south Teach Ghráinne – Grainne House – N. Queen St. & Victoria Pde – Artillery – (none) An initial source for the former names was this Fb page.
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