Peter Moloney Collection – Murals

Peter Moloney has been collecting ephemera (postcards, posters, badges, handkerchiefs, etc.) since 1966 and taking pictures of murals, memorials, parades, military installations, and anything political since the early 70s, initially focusing on Derry but with increasing attention to Belfast and other cities and towns.

He has given his collection to a partnership of institutions for archival and display. The ‘Peter Moloney Partnership’ consists of LibrariesNI, Free Derry Museum, and Tower Museum. Some of the items can be seen digitally at CAIN. The CAIN site includes a short video introduction by Peter; there is a 45-minute audio recording of Peter talking (and singing!) about the collection and specific pieces from it at the launch of items from his collection in Tower Museum in 2018.

In addition, the images of murals, graffiti, and memorial in the north of Ireland are being available by Extramural Activity at a separate web site, Peter Moloney Collection. The blog is proceeding chronologically; as of the end of April, 2018, it has reached the images from 2006.