Sevastopol Street (Bobby Sands)

The most famous mural in Belfast is probably the Bobby Sands mural on the side of the Sinn Féin office and Siopa na hEalaine at the corner of the Falls Road and Sevastopol Street. The first Sands mural was painted in 1989 but the wall had seen four different murals before then. The images in this post are from the Peter Moloney Collection unless noted otherwise. Official Organ (1982-1985) (M00295) 20 Years Of Resistance (1989) Rolston Drawing Support plate 73 Oglaigh na hÉireann (1989) Pic by Sláinte Flags (1989) Pic by Tony Crowley (C00062) Along with Bua do mhuintir na hEireann on the side wall. The first mural of Bobby Sands was painted in 1989 by Gerard ‘Mo Chara’ Kelly. Sands/An Phoblacht white (1989-1990) (M00832) Sands/An Phoblacht blue (1990-1996) Bobby Sands Visionary (Our Revenge Will Be The Laughter Of Our Children) (2000-05) on the rebuilt Sinn Féin offices (M01489 X05742 X05743) Bobby Sands MP (previous mural touched up for the 25th anniversary) (2006-2015) X05749 2008-07 Bobby Sands MP - GMaps (Street View image X05749) Jef Aerosol’s Accordion Player on the side wall (2011-2015) (X02993) Bobby Sands IRA Volunteer (2015-present) (M12502) The accordion player was preserved. (X02588)
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