2015-04-16 SandsFull+
The Bobby Sands mural in Sevastopol Street has been given a facelift, including the blocking-up of a vent on Sands’s left cheek. Kieran Doherty and Joe McDonnell have been added in place of the 1798 medallions on each side. On the side-wall are Sean McCaughey, ten doves representing the 1981 hunger-strikers, and Long Kesh. Aerosol‘s accordion-player paste-up has been also been retained.
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Ag sráid Sevastopol cuimhnitear ar Bobby Sands i múrmhaisiú a authnitear ar fud an domhain. Ba scribhneoir, file, réabhlóidí agus díograiseoir Gaeilge é Sands. Fuair sé bas 5 Bealtaine 1981 tar éis 66 lá ar stailc ocrais. As ucht na diograise a thaispeáin Sands agus a chomhchimí i leith thoglaim na teanga faoi choinníollacha uafásacha Bhlocanna H na Ceise Fada, spreagadh glúin úr chun dul i mbun athghabháil na Gaeilge.
Here at Sevastopol Street Bobby Sands is remembered in a mural which has become world-renowed. Sands, a writer, poet, revolutionary and Gaelic enthusiast, died on May 5th 1981 after 66 days on hunger strike. Sands and his fellow prisoners inspired a new generation to reclaim the Irish language enthusing them by the huge efforts they put into learning Irish in the horrendous conditions on the H Blocks of Long Kesh.
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text: X02586 X02588 X02587 everyone Republican or otherwise has their own particular role to play our revenge will be the laughter of our children joe mcdonnell i’ll wear no convicts unofirm nor meakly meekly serve my time that Britain might make Irelands fight 800 years of crime ira volunteer

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