Up The Shankill And Down The Falls

This poster is widespread throughout working class Belfast at present. This one is from the Ballysillan Road (though the electrical box has been tagged by someone from the Westland). The posters started going up previous to the announcement of 760 (Guardian) or 920 (BBC) job losses at FG Wilson’s this week. The route involves both loyalist and nationalist areas and the poster refers to the Outdoor Relief Strike (account from nationalist source | brief loyalist account) of 1932. The poster has phone, e-mail, QR, Facebook and Twitter links. The marcher carries … a Blackberry.

Update: Here’s a link for Charlie Cairns’ comment about the threat of prosecution against the posters.

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Copyright © 2012 Extramural Activity
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text: X00632 march for a future! emergency action to create jobs, free access to education, no cuts to ema and benefits, 1:30 saturday 6th october @ custom house square, belfast, 80 years after the outdoor relief strike when protestant and catholic workers stood together march up the shankill and down the falls, youth fight for jobs, sponsored by the trade unions unite cwu fbu pcs rmt ucu tssa bectu, all youth community and trade union branches welcome, youth fight for jobs ni

One thought on “Up The Shankill And Down The Falls

  1. charlie cairns 2012-09-26 / 4:21 pm

    Belfast City Council threatened legal action against the posters, today, Sept 26th

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