Damn Your Concessions, England

Ground-level wide shot from the New Lodge showing “Support the POWS” on the left and “Free Marian Price” on the right. On the mural itself: “Níl aon rud acu ina n-armlann impiriul [impiriúil] a bhrisfidh meon an Éireannaigh [Éireannach] nar mhain [mhian] leis a bheith briste – They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit [of an Irishman who does want to be broken]” “Damn your concessions, England – it’s our freedom we want.” [– Seán Mac Diarmada] “Maghaberry concentration camp – End forced strip searches – End controlled movement.” At the bottom of the figure in black on the orange background – “Damn your concessions England. Give us our freedom.” [– Seán Mac Diarmada.] Click and click again to enlarge (to 2000 x 1081) Copyright © 2012 Extramural Activity Camera Settings: f8, 1/200, ISO 400, full size 3234 x 1748 text: X00668 support the p.o.w.s, free marian price

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