Béirigí Bua

2013-03-24 ColinGibraltar2+
A new, computer-designed and -printed board in Twinbrook/Cill Uaighe, with painted lettering below, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Gibraltar killings and subsequent attack on the funeral in Milltown cemetery (for which see also 25 Years – Complete and In Progress).
One of the twin brooks is Colin Burn, which runs through the Colin Glen forest park; Cill Uaighe is reflected in the name of the nearby Kilwee industrial estate. Strictly speaking, this piece is ‘beyond Belfast’, as Poleglass and Twinbrook are under the jurisdiction of Lisburn City Council.
Click and click again to enlarge (to 2100 x 1525)
Copyright © 2013 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f20, 1/50, ISO 400, full size 5155 x 3744
text: X02322 remembering the tragic events surrounding the unlawful execution of ira volunteers in gibralter by the sas on the 6th march 1988, the shooting of vol. kevin mccracken in the defence of the community, the murderous attack on the gibraltar funeral by a british state sponsored assassin and killing of mourners john murray thomas mcerlean vol. caoimhín mac brádaigh sean savage mairead farrell dan mccann, i ndíl [ndil] chuimhne, always remembered with pride by the people of the colin area

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