All Our Dead

2013-04-23 ArdAnLao1+
In addition to three plaques, a wrought-iron head-piece, multiple flag-pole holders and railings fencing in a small area (which includes an encased figure of Jesus, at right), this mural in Clós Ard An Lao/Ardilea Close in Ardoyne uses painted discs for each of the twelve hunger strikers (the ten in Long Kesh 1981 and two from the 70s in English prisons, Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg – the twelve also featured in Derry’s Spirit Of Freedom mural), rather than painting their likenesses directly onto the wall. The items above the mural and the Sacred Heart statue in a glass case are new, compared to 2010.
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Copyright © 2013 Extramural Activity
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text: X01065 [X00354] In Loving Memory Of All Our Dead
erin go bragh this plaque is dedicated to those people who showed courage in face of adversity by giving aid shelter and support in the defence of the area their dedication and determination during those difficult years will never be forgotten they shall always be held in the highest esteem by a grateful community Let our revenge be the laughter of our children
Let there be no bitterness on my behalf to achieve a united Ireland.
With many thanks to the people of the bone greater bone who contributed to this mural

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