Belfast Banksy

2009-09-22 BelfastBanksy+
Banksy’s “Slave Labour” was sold on Sunday night for about three-quarter of a million pounds sterling, to an as yet anonymous buyer. It was sold by the owners of the Poundland store on whose exterior wall it was originally stencilled. This BBC video shows the piece, both removed and in situ. In other Banksy news this weekend, his giant rat piece in Liverpool is to be removed and preserved.
The image above is a 2009 piece imitating one of Banksy’s pieces in the West Bank. In the Bethlehem piece, the hole in the wall reveals a tropical paradise; here, it reveals the hills around Belfast. There is a shot of the artists painting the piece at the beginning of the documentary about them, “Paint For Peace“. This piece as later replaced by the Latuff “solidarity” mural.
2008 Channel 4 video about Banksy in the West Bank.

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