Free Stephen Kaczynski

2015-08-23 FreeStephenKaczynski+
Stephen (or Stephan) “Steve” Kaczynski will go before a Turkish court on September 18th on charges of membership of the Marxist-Leninist ‘Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front’ (DHKP-C). (WP) In April, members of the group took over a courtroom and held a state prosecutor hostage; when special forces stormed the building, the hostage and two of his captors died. (Independent) Kaczynski, a freelance journalist from Scotland, is alleged to be instrumental in financing the group. Alternatively, (according to various newspaper reports) he is an undercover agent of the Germans (Daily Sabah) or the British (Brian Shaw). He was on hunger-strike in protest at the conditions in Maltepe #3 from June 25th to August 12th.
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text: X02803 rnu in west belfast are today leading the way in combating anti-social behaviour reclaiming republican values fighting the benefits cuts tackling the increased drug problem exposing the slum landlords rebuilding community pride the only secure community is an organised one socialism communism red star phoenix

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