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02757 2015-08-08 IRSPBoard+
The board above, on London-/Derry’s Racecourse Road, commemorates two hunger-strikers from Derry, Patsy O’Hara and Michael Devine, both members of the INLA; the third INLA hunger-striker was Kevin Lynch, from nearby Dungiven. The seven others who died were members of the IRA, whose political wing was Sinn Féin, while the Irish Republican Socialist Party, who sponsored this board, served as the political face of the INLA.
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text: X02757 irish republican army IRSP páirtí poblachtach sóisialach na héireann plough stars red star raised armalite vol bobby sands francis hughes ray mccreesh joe mcdonnell martin hurson kieran doherty tom mcelwee belfast armagh tyrone

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