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03706 2016-08-03 IntWall2016 Public Meeting+
In addition to the defacing of Carson (see We Won’t Have Carson), a 32 County Sovereignty Movement mural remains about a quarter of the way along the newly repainted International Wall. (And as will be covered in a separate post, an IRPWA POW mural was in progress at the far right end of the wall.)
We understand that the painters offered to repaint the 32CSM mural after the historical mural had been in place for six months, but that this offer was turned down. For the purposes of the launch, then, a cloth sign, reproducing a poster (see the original) calling for the creation of the Irish Volunteers, was hung over the 32CSM mural (as seen in the image above). Eoin MacNeill, author in November 1913 of ‘The North Began’, presided – here is the text of The North Began – and the newspaper carried by the hawker on the left reads “MacNeill successful in call for Irish Volunteers” (whereas it originally read “Rotunda rally – Irish volunteers now exceed 180,000” as can be seen in the Carson post). However, this cloth was removed immediately after the launch, meaning that the wall appears as in the image below.
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03693 2016-08-01 IntWall2016 32CSM GunRunning+
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