Weak Bridge

It’s back to polls on Thursday for the UK General Election, including 18 Northern Ireland constituencies. The Alliance Party is an “Other” party, neither nationalist nor unionist. Party leader Naomi Long is standing in east Belfast.
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2 thoughts on “Weak Bridge

  1. Desperate Dan 2017-06-06 / 8:23 pm

    I’m no fan of Longs in fact I can’t stand her but this is below the belt mucker. Low blow….

  2. Extramural Activity 2017-06-06 / 10:09 pm

    (1) We’re always looking for “accidental” commentary (the can of Coke in front of the anti-Bush mural, the butcher’s “pick’n’mix” sign beside the PBP electoral poster on the Shankill, and so on)

    (2) The title doesn’t have to be understood negatively; it can be read sympathetically: it can be read as saying that the political space between nationalism and unionism is small and/or fluctuates in size given the sectarian-ness of the moment. ExtrAct strives to be politically neutral – our readership would probably go up x3 if we promoted one “side” over another (or x5 if we just did street art!) – people seem to derive much more pleasure from partisanship than from sociology.

    On which note … thanks for reading and responding!

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