Free T Taylor

RNU member Tony Taylor was jailed for three years in 2011 for possession of a rifle and had his early release license revoked in 2016 and returned to Maghaberry. Over the last month, both Sinn Féin and SDLP politicians in Belfast and London-/Derry have called for him to be either charged or released, alleging that his detention is contrary to section 6 of the Human Rights Act (Irish News | Derry Now | Derry Now). Gael Force Art (Fb) took to Sliabh Dubh/Black Mountain to highlight the case.
Click and click again to enlarge (to 2700 x 1800)
Copyright © 2017 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f8, 1/800, ISO 400, full size 3888 x 2592
text: X04397

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