Civilisation Has Its Roots In The Soil

“Civilisation has its roots in the soil & without soil there will be no future life – Tá an duine fréamhaithe san ithir, gan í ní hann dó” by Ed Reynolds (webtw) and Tancredi Caruso. Together they put on an exhibition and painted a mural for the Belowground Visions Of Life project (Soil Security Programme). The mural is outside Bunscoil Mhic Reachtain (hence the Irish translation) in the old ‘Little Italy’ area of Belfast. Sand or soil has been added to the mural to give it texture.
Click and click again to enlarge (to 2400 x 1386)
Copyright © 2017 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f7.1, 1/200, ISO 400, full size 4021 x 2322
text: X04447

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