Bloody Sunday

Six of the dead on Bloody Sunday (January 31st, 1972) were from Creggan, and the funeral service for all 13 immediate victims took place in St Mary’s Chapel, at the bottom of Bishop’s Field; the board of photographs shown in today’s post are at the top, on Creggan’s Cental Drive.
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2 thoughts on “Bloody Sunday

  1. Sam Leikind 2022-09-07 / 6:54 pm

    Where is this located? I can’t find a street in Derry/Londonderry called Creggan Drive

  2. Extramural Activity 2022-09-08 / 3:37 am

    Apologies, Sam – this should have said “Creggan’s Central Dr”. Because of redevelopment, these boards have been moved to the other side of Central Drive, at the top of the Bishop’s Field laneway.

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