Ulster Says Noël

People are turning to Christmas earlier than ever this year as an escape from the ongoing coronavirus restrictions. Work by local artists is being sold at Vault Artists (tw | web) ‘Vault Pop‘ (in the Portview Centre on the Newtownards Road) with work by many artists whose street-art is featured in these pages, including Leo Boyd, FGB, and Esther O’Kelly, and at Born & Bred (web) on Ann Street, including ‘Ulster Says Noel’ cards by James Ashe (tw | web) – who did the ‘Ulster Says Yeoo’ tarp shown above, next to the Ulster Social Club (now just a regular bar) – and mini H&W cranes as a tree ornament (see David & Goliath).

(Extramural Activity is not associated with either shop or any of the artists named.)

Click and click again to enlarge (to 1600 x 1200)
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