We Have Not Gone Away You Know

Gerry Adams’s quip about the IRA after the ceasefire (in August, 1995) has become a slogan used for women’s struggle (International Women’s Day), sectarianism (Hasn’t Gone Away), British rule (They Haven’t Gone Away, You Know), coronavirus (It Hasn’t Gone Away, You Know) and now the “4000 families waiting” for social housing as lots in the city centre and north Belfast are turned by “private developers” into “student accommodation”. “Preparing immigrant ships. No not this time. We need houses, no relocation. North Belfast families will stay in north Belfast. We will not be shipped out.”

Click and click again to enlarge (to 1000 x 769)
Copyright © 2021 Sabine Troendle (web | Fb)
Camera Settings: f1.8, 1/102, ISO 20, full size 1535 x 1181
X08339 Carrick Hill

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