Disband The Rebranded RUC

A vintage image – of the 3-in-1 policeman, Orange Order member, and loyalist paramilitary – is used in the centre of a new Soaradh (web | tw) board at the corner of Central and Fanad drives in Creggan, Derry. For some earlier uses, see Disband The RUC (Derry, dating back to 1995) Keep The Orange Order Out (Markets, south Belfast) | No Entry PSNI (New Lodge, north Belfast) |  Disband The RUC (Newry). “Corrupt, sectarian – disband the rebranded RUC” (and also, “Smash Stormont”).
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Comrades In Arms

John Meeke signed the Ulster Covenant in Dervock Orange Hall in 1912 and went to war with the Ulster Volunteers. Willie Redmond, brother of John Redmond, had been jailed three times and was a nationalist MP at Westminster when, at age 53, he signed up for service.
Major Redmond went over the top with the 16th (Irish) Division at Messines Ridge and was hit by machine-gun fire. Private Meeke, a stretcher-bearer with the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers in the 36th (Ulster) Division, found and stayed with Redmond under heavy fire, taking two bullets himself.
Redmond would die that night. He was awarded the Legion Of Honour by the French. His East Clare seat was taken by Éamon de Valera. Meeke survived after several surgeries. He was awarded the Military Medal by the British. After the World War, he joined the Specials and LOL 1001 in Benvarden before dying of TB in 1923 (NALIL | Irish Times | WP |BelTel).
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His Young Life

“In memory of Vol Colm McNutt Derry Brigade INLA. On 12th December 1977 18 years old Colm McNutt was killed by an undercover British Army unit in William Street. In lived in Balbane Pass and was a popular young lad around the Creggan estate. He witnessed occupation and injustice and as a result joined the resistance movement, paying ultimately with his young life.” This large board was launched in December 2017 on the fortieth anniversary of McNutt’s death.
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Shutting Of The Gates

The Apprentice Boys mural in Emerson Street, Londonderry, which was at least fifteen years old, was replaced in 2018 with a version of boards (shown above). The shutting of the city gates in December 1688 began the Siege Of Derry.
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The People’s Priest

Edward Daly died in August 2016 and a memorial stone to his memory was quickly erected along Rossville Street, near the spot of Daly’s well-known intervention during Bloody Sunday, trying to lead victim jackie Duddy to safety. The stone was unveiled by two of the people portrayed in the Civil Rights mural in the background– John Hume and Ivan Cooper (Derry Now).
“The Peoples [sic] Priest. This garden of reflection has been dedicated in honor [sic] of the late Bishop Of Derry (Emeritus) Dr. Edward Daly in heartfelt gratitude and thanksgiving for the wonderful work for the people of Derry and beyond. Rest in peace. To love means, loving the unlovable. To forgive mean, forgiving the unforgivable. Faith means, believing the unbelievable. Hope means, hoping when everything seems hopeless. Is ceist deacair é sin. [That is a difficult question.]”
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Óglach Tommy Roberts

“In proud and loving memory of Tommy Roberts, former IRA volunteer, former POW blanketman, died 8th June 2017 aged 78. His courage and dedication will never be forgotten. “As long as Ireland is unfree the only honourable attitude for Irishmen and Irishwomen is an attitude of revolt.”” Roberts was with Junior McDaid when he was shot in 1972 and was OC in Crumlin Road jail later in the 70s (Derry Journal). Video of the launch in Junememories from Anthony McIntyre | Videos of the funeral one | two.
The quote is from Pearse; it was used in Ardoyne in the 1980s.
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Killed Wounded Missing

This small mural in the car-park of the Waterside Arts Centre, a companion piece to We Are The Dead which lists their battles, gives casualty totals for the 10th (Irish), 36th (Ulster), and 16th (Irish) divisions of the British Army in WWI .
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Victory To The Republican Prisoners

Junior McDaid house – the offices of the IRPWA (web | Fb) and Saoradh (web) in Derry – was opened two years ago (video) in Chamberlain Street. The offices are “proudly named after” IRA volunteer James McDaid, who was killed by the British Army in 1972 (Derry Journal), apparently without consulting with or inviting his wife (Derry Journal). A plaque to McDaid is to the left of the door, with two murals on the Harvey Street gable. (A third mural – to be shown later – is just out of shot to the right.)
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End British Internment In Ireland

Gabriel Mackle was returned to prison most recently in November, 2017 (Pensive QuillIrish News) and released in March, 2018 (An Phoblacht). The RSF board on the front of Lecky Road remains in place, however, as is joined by “IRA” graffiti. Bernadette Devlin (as she then was) organises in the background.
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The Military History Of Ebrington Barracks

Between its construction in 1841 and decommissioning in 2003, Ebrington Barracks served as a home to many military units, including those whose emblems are at the bottom of the mural above (from left to right): the Royal Irish Rifles, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Royal Irish Rangers, UDR, and the Royal Irish Regiment.

HMS Ferret and HMS Sea Eagle are not in fact ships but a part of Ebrington barracks given to the navy to serve as a “stone frigate” during (Ferret) and after (Sea Eagle) WWII. HMS Londonderry was an anti-submarine frigate but does not appear to have a particular connection to Ebrington (please comment if you know otherwise).

The Northern Ireland General Service medal – in the middle of the mural – was awarded to any soldier who served at least 30 days during Operation Banner, the deployment of British troops in Northern Ireland from 1969 onwards.
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