The People’s Gallery

****On-Going Project****

The People’s Gallery is a collection of murals painted by the Bogside Artists – brothers Tom and William Kelly (d. 2017) and Kevin Hasson. The Gallery was launched in 2007, gathering together the 11 murals that had been painted between 1994 and 2007, with a twelfth mural being added in 2008. The Hunger Strike (Raymond McCartney) mural was replaced in 2016 and various murals have been repainted over the years, as described below.

For more information, click the links to individual posts and visit the official site and the site at CAIN.

This post gathers together some the images of the murals from the Peter Moloney collection. Dates are mostly from CAIN.

  1. The Petrol Bomber (1994) Post includes two in-progress shots.

    Modified with a “No RUC” badge (1995).
  2. Bernadette (1996)

    Repainted in 2015, with Bernadette in red. (X04290)
    04290 2017-07-15 Bernadette red+
  3. Bloody Sunday (1997)

    repainted 2006
  4. Bloody Sunday Commemoration

    CAIN gives both 1997 and 1999 for this mural.
    The oak leaves were given stripes down the middle.
    Later repainted with two-tone oak leaves, an inner red circle, and a cross in the centre (in 2005?)

    Repainted in 2010s (2015?) with purple background.
  5. The Death Of Innocence (Annette McGavigan) (1999)
    (This post includes two in-progress shots.)
    Repainted in 2006 – the rifle on the left is broken.
  6. Hunger Strike (Raymond McCartney) (2000)

    (See item #13 below for the new mural on this wall.)
  7. Operation Motorman (2001)
  8. The Saturday Matinee (2001?)
  9. Civil Rights (2004)

    Repainted in 2015.
  10. Peace Mural (2004)

    Cross added in 2015/2016 (X03665)
  11. The Runner (2006)
  12. Tribute To John Hume (2008)
  13. Peggy O’Hara & Margaret Devine (2015)