Safe House

00073 2004-07-27 TolanSafeHouse+
IRA volunteers Tommy ‘Toddler’ Tolan (in blue), James (Jim) McGrillen and John Stone (seated at table), and Michael Kane (foreground) are pictured in a safe house in Ballymurphy, with plates of sandwiches and a cache of weapons. The women are Annie Adams(?) and Kathleen Moore(?). Tolan is also depicted at a larger scale on the right of the mural; in the original (2001) version, Tolan was dressed in fatigues and carried a rifle (image at CAIN), but this was changed within 18 months to a brown suit as in the image above, which is from July 2004 (full image at CAIN). The large Tolan figure is preserved in the 2014 mural Working Class Heroes and the other five are included anew.
Click and click again to enlarge (to 3200 x 2256)
Copyright © 2004 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f32, 1/10, ISO 100, full size 5310 x 3744

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