Where Is Our Truth?

2003? mural off the main Shankill Rd. at Bellevue Street. The central panel reproduces a BelTel photograph of the Balmoral furniture showroom bombing, 11 December 1971. See also: the bombings of Frizzell’s fishmongers (shown in the detail) and the Four Step Inn.

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Copyright © 2004 Extramural Activity
text: X00090 X00076 30 years of indiscriminate slaughter by so-called non-sectarian irish freedom fighters, no military economic legitimate targets, where are our inquiries? where is our justice?, fourstep inn bombed sept 29th 1971 2 innocents killed, balmoral showrooms bombed dec 11th 1971 2 adults and 2 babies killed, mountainview tavern bombed april 5th 1975 5 innocents killed, bayardo bar bombed aug 13th 1975 5 innocents killed, frizzells fish shop bombed oct 23rd 1993 9 innocents killed

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