Do You Remember?

“A bucket on the stove boiling all the whites. The big tin bath on Saturday nights.
Keys in the locks, doors on the latch. Long hot summers, ponies and traps.
Crombie coats, paddy hats, corner shops small. Horse drawn hearses, with black plumes tall.
A half-moon water mark, like a front door mat. Soda farls, wheaten farls, cooling on a rack.
Gas mantles, lamp-lighters, billy cans of tay. Walking home from dances, courting on the way.
Carbolic soap, Brylcreem, 7 o’clock blades. Sugar and water potion, making permanent waves.
Hotspur and Rover, Dandy, Beano too. A 3d matinee on jam pot in lieu.
Top twenty from Luxembourg, Desert Island discs. Henry Hall’s guest night, Rock n’ roll and twist.
Billy Cotton’s band show, a book at bedtime too. The list is never ending – but who was ‘skiboo?”

Lower Ormeau memories of the good old (i.e. pre-Troubles) days. With support from the Lottery Fund, New Belfast Community Arts Initiative, and St John Vianney Youth Club.

By Steven Tunley in Dromara Street, Belfast

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Copyright © 2010 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f8, 1/60, ISO 200, full size 3888 x 2592

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