Tyndale Dragon

05064 2010-11-30 Tyndale dragon+.jpg

05062 2010-11-30 Tyndale hills+.jpg

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05065 2010-11-30 Tyndale sculpture+.jpg

“The new artwork and community garden replace the last UDA mural to be removed in North Belfast. The aim is to remove the negative images of the past and replace them with positive representations of history and identity. GroundworkNI, Tyndale Community Residents Association, the appointed artists and children from Ballysillan Primary School developed the vision for the project, which drew on themes from local history and incorporated them with the community’s aspirations for the future. The ‘Tyndale Dragon’ was designed by Daniela Balmaverde through consultation with children from Ballysillan Primary School and Tyndale Residents Association. The body of the dragon represents the flowing water of the rivers that ran through Ballysillan and the fire like letters signifies the volcanic history of Cave Hill, the visible feature in this area. Artist Alan Cargo designed the aluminium sculpture called ‘Reflect’. Children from P1-P7 in Ballysillan Primary School drew pictures which ‘reflected’ the things that they liked about their community as well as what they hoped for in the future. These images have been laser etched onto the reflective metal sculpture, which is shaped to represent the Napoleon’s Nose of the nearby Cave Hill. The ripple design through the middle signifies the Farset River that used to run through the local area. The ‘Garden of Reflection’ aims to provide a quiet space for residents to interact and reflect on the past. It creates an area where local people can appreciate the artwork and enjoy the stunning view of Belfast City. The materials used in the garden are sensitive to local history. The limestone paving links into the local limestone quarry, which used to be a source of industry in the area. The words cast into the pathways were chosen by the wider Tyndale community as an expression of their needs and hopes for the future.”

Copyright © 2010 Extramural Activity
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