All Flags Are Welcome

“Over 40 years ago the presence of this flag [the Irish Tricolour] on this street unleashed a vicious campaign of discrimination and violence against this community lasting decades … 45 years on … this flag can flow [sic] freely from every corner … All flags are welcome on this road and so are you … failte [fáilte] go dtí … West Belfast.”
The event referenced in the flying of the Irish Tricolour in 1964 from Billy McMillen’s electoral office, which Ian Paisley (and the RUC) found objectionable. Danny Morrison in An Phoblacht has an account of the election and events. Here is news video from 1964 of charges subsequently brought against 70 people.
The mural from Coiste Political Tours is on Divis Street, just beyond down-town Belfast and directed at foreign visitors; the Union Flag, however, is not included among the display of international flags. On the right is a placard for the Eileen Hickey Republican History Museum.
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