Never Actually Existed

The new mural on the international wall, in the style of Punch (and other) magazines’ portrayal of the Irish.

The Punch portrayal is described, and Punch named explicitly, in the song ‘Do Me Justice’ a.k.a. ‘Here I Am From Donegal’ Click for Lyrics. Audio: Frank Harte (full song) | Len Graham (clip)

WP entry on the Roma

“The Big Begorra” is a play on The Big Issue, a newspaper published on behalf of, and sold by, homeless people.

“the evening edition collapsed” is a reference to the Belfast Telegraph‘s decision to cease printing an evening edition

This mural does NOT contain a reference to the ‘Free Marian Price’ (WP | FB) campaign, which all of the other murals on the international wall currently (summer 2012) do. It is also sponsored, has an artist’s signature (political cartoonist Ian Knox, a.k.a. Blotski (WP) – pictures of the launch) and date (9 August, 2012 – for Féile 2012) and it has social network tags.

(Replaces a black-and-red ‘Oppose Racism’ mural, which replaced the Liam MacCarthy Cup mural.)

Click and click again to enlarge (to 1700 x 1252)
Copyright © 2012 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f8, 1/160, ISO 160, full size 5082 x 3744
text: X00581 No Irish need apply; we’re projections of 19th century anti-Irish prejudice—we’ve never actually existed;west against racism network’ big begorra issue; whereas I ethnoid steriotypus their creator, have existed since time imemorial; my latest target—the Roma!; I hope you’ll swallow all the lies I concoct; Hey—what was the outcome of the harassment of the Roma newspaper sellers?’ the evening edition collapsed!

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