Falls Curfew 1970

2010 mural (unveiled July 4th on the 40th anniversary) of Máire Drumm (WP) and the women of West Belfast breaking the British army curfew of the Lower falls in 1970 (brief interview footage from the 9:00 minute mark). International wall, Divis St, incorporating ‘Free Marian Price’. Maire Drumm was later shot dead in her bed in the Mater hospital where she was a patient. (Update 2012-11-17: A shot of this mural being painted can be found here.)

To the right is the purple WBTA mural.

Click and click again to enlarge (to 2000 x 1333)
Copyright © 2012 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f8, 1/320, ISO 100, full size 5616 x 3744
text: X00597 oppression breeds resistance, resistance brings freedom, falls curfew july 1970, dedicated to all those women who faced up to military aggression, free marian price, i ndil cuimhne william burns 3-7-70 charles o’neill 3-7-70, zbigniew uglik 4-7-70, patrick elliman 11-7-70, murdered by the british army during the falls curfew of july 3-5 1970. the curfew was finally broken by the courage and determination of the women of belfast

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