A new mural launched on Sunday (Oct 7th, 2012) on the international wall, representing five local (lower Falls) volunteers who died at this time forty years ago (during 1972): Daniel McAreavey, Joseph McKinney, Jimmy Quigley, John Donaghy, Patrick Maguire (real name Patrick Pendleton). Maguire, McKinney and Donaghy died together in an explosion (Oct 10); Quigley (Sept 29) and McAreavey (Oct 6) were shot. For further details of the how these five met their deaths, see among others Lost Lives by McKittrick et al. (Amazon UK | US). Biographies of the five begin at 7m46s in this history of D Company. Quigley holds a copy of James Connolly’s 1910 pamphlet Labour in Irish HistoryImage of the mural in development.

To the right of Na Ceathrún Gaeltachta (which was previously Brigadas Internacionales) and to the left of Falls Curfew; takes the place of the Radió Fáilte mural.

Video of the parade and unveiling

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lsKLV0-uSA]

Click and click again to enlarge (to 1436 x 2000)
Copyright © 2012 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f16, 1/160, ISO 200, full size 2472 x 3442
text: X00671 danny, joe, jimmy, JD, paddy, they shall be spoken of among their people and the generations shall remember them and call them blessed – p h pearse

“Bear in mind these dead” … a line from a poem by John Hewitt (‘Neither Elegy Nor Manifesto’) and is the title of a book by Susan McKay’s on the suffering of relatives and friends of victims of the troubles.

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