Thatcher The Real Criminal

2013-04-18 ThatcherCriminal+
“Thatcher The Real Criminal” on Black Mountain, overlooking the Springfield Road, with a Mo Chara Kelly mural in the foreground, commemorating the deaths of five people shot by British army snipers in 1972.
This picture was taken on April 18th; on April 19th the lettering on the hillside had been removed.
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Camera Settings: f, 1/, ISO , full size 2592 x 3306
text: X01054 springhill westrock massacre, paddy  butler 39, david mccafferty 15, margaret gargan 13, john dougal 16, fr. noel fitzpatrick 40, belfast’s bloody sunday on the 9th july 1972 the british army murdered 5 irish citizens and severely wounded 2 others; it’s time for the truth

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