Break The Connection With Capitalism

2013-05-01 Anti-Fascist+

“In Memory of the Belfast men who fought against fascism with the international brigade, Spanish civil war 1936 – 1939.” The colours of the international brigade (red, yellow and purple – here a lighter violet colour) serve as a background.

The board shows Belfast socialists walking at Bodenstown, 1934 as part of the annual Wolfe Tone commemoration, held each year in June. Tone, an Anglican and the founder of the United Irishmen, is buried in the Bodenstown graveyard. Sources report, however, that there was an attempt to exclude these marchers, from “Shankill Rd Belfast Branch”, from part of the 1934 commemoration. The reasons given vary: they were carrying a non-standard banner, they had communist leanings, and, they were Protestants. (See Paddy ByrneWP1 – though a different banner is mentioned | WP2 – see “legacy” section | WP3 – see fn. 1).

The plaque to the right reads: “In memory of all those who fought in Spain against Fascism 1936-1939. This mural  was erected by Teach na Fáilte Republican Ex-Prisoners Support Group and Belfast City Council. It was unveiled on April 20th, 2013 ( Signed “[Fra] Maher 2013”. Northumberland St.

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Unattributed photo of the marchers.


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