Ballymurphy Memorial

2013-05-06 BallymurphyMemorial+
Memorial stone on Springhill Avenue in Ballymurphy to deceased republican volunteers from the area. This stone can be seen in the middle distance in first image in the post White Line, Black Flag.
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Copyright © 2013 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f8, 1/125, ISO 100, full size 5616 x 2964
text: this monument was erected by the republican people of greater in proud and loving memory of all those volunteers from the area who gave their lives in the fight for irish freedom unveiled by gerry adams 12th may 1985 i ndíl [ndil] cuimhne [chuimhne] i gcónaí ag na poblachtánaigh ón cheantar barr clunai also of the civilians who died at the hands of the british army r.u.c. u.d.r. and loyalist extremists mcparland kane maguire meehan sloan mccormick campbell magee dougal mccrudden clarke parker quigley mulholland o’rawe mccartland mulvenna pettigrew bryson teer stone mcgrillen tolan mcwilliams delaney o’neill jordan doyle mccracken mcgeown plough sunburst

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