The Union Jack

The text has now faded from this Westwinds mural in Newtownards (which can be seen in this 2007 image). “The Union Jack – its construction and how to use it. ” The text describes the composition of the Union Flag from the St George’s Cross, St Andrew’s Saltire, and St Patrick’s Cross, and how to fly it properly: “In flying the flag, the broad white stripe of the cross of St Andrew should be next to the mast.” Also shown are Britannia astride the globe, a king and queen, a lion, naval boats and a sub, the flowers of the “home nations”, Titanic, and Belfast city hall with a H&W crane in the background. Blenheim Drive, Newtownards.

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Copyright © 2013 Extramural Activity
Camera Settings: f3.1, 1/400, ISO 80, full size 1536 x 2048
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