Romanian Housebreakers Beware

2014-05-08 Romanian+
Graffiti in The Village area (south Belfast). The precise reason for the graffiti is unknown (leave a comment/e-mail if you know). Romanians were in the first wave of European immigration to Northern Ireland and came under attack especially in 2009.  More recently, a Romanian had faeces thrown at him last week (BelTel) and attacks against immigrants, Poles in particular, have been on the rise in recent months. The latest is this attack (Tele) on a family in Templemore Avenue and an attack by a gang of fifteen people (Guardian). Last week saw “Locals only/Get out!” graffiti in east Belfast ( – includes video| The Journal) and south Belfast (NewsLetter). Last year, “No blacks” graffiti was directed at two Nigerians, also in east Belfast (BBC). The Polish envoy has expressed his concerns to the PSNI (Guardian | IrishNews).
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2 thoughts on “Romanian Housebreakers Beware

  1. Freethinker 2014-05-11 / 7:07 pm

    People need to get over themselves. This graffiti obviously refers to Romanians and not other ethnic groups. To lump all ‘foreigners’ together is a gross mistake and an over-simplification of the immigration problem here (yes it IS a problem, now take a deep breath). Many immigrant communities here (I am thinking of the Chinese) have very few problems, they work, they create wealth, start businesses, employ people and pay taxes. Now you have to remember Belfast has no economy, it survives largely on subsidies and sucking the British teat. You also need to remember that any concessions here; better housing, benefits etc. have been hard fought for and hard won by the citizens of Belfast, and as such they are the rightful heirs to any social housing and improvements, not immigrants. Immigrants to ANY country need to take their place in the queue like everyone else did and has done, and not expect to jumpt to the front of the line and be afforded the same rights and privileges that have been earned and paid for by the natives of ANY land. And back to the beginning. I think that if anyone wants to come to NI and has a skill we need, or can support themselves (like the Chinese do) and will not be a burden on society, then they should be allowed (with limited visa rights), but the Romanians to which the graffiti refers have what skills? what are they bringing to the economy? the table? How are they enriching the culture? How are they contributing? Are they law abiding? What percentage have committed crimes? All of these questions and more need to be asked and answered. And where were the armies of the poor and destitute when the bombs were going off? I’m sorry, but NO-ONE (in my opinion) has an automatic right to go to any country they simply choose UNLESS that country wants and encourages them (as the UK did in the ’50s with those from the Caribbean and the Indian Subcontinent) to e.g. supply labour, and help build the economy. Those people have now earned rights and deserve to take from the pot, but fresh-off-the boat unskilled, child-laden immigrants who are not here to contribute and build a better society FOR ALL, need to be approached with caution. A country is, after all like a business. How can we balance the books in NI with no industry, no economy, especially if we are flooded by the poor and the needy. Think and do some research before you react.

  2. suzu 2015-01-15 / 1:50 am

    Long may attacks like these continue!
    We live in a very Small island country, it Is Not a huge continent, and pragmatically we cannot have every tom dick and romanian living here, indiginous people do have rights, And Much Too much has been expected from N I People Too soon, and at a great behind the scenes cost.
    We’ve went from an indiginous white country to overnight (as it were) being suddenly expected to understand and Accept many foriegn people and their religious politcal and socio illnesses etc all their problems that they are also bringing, considering our own recent history, its a tad to in the face! and its being written out of history, The Reality is we hate em and don’t want them here, we are not ready!
    The government refuse to hear in its hubris, and therefore I’m glad that someone is doing something to chase the rabble back out for the nhs and benefit tourists that they and their familys are.

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