Gaeltacht Quarter

2014-05-18 GaeltachtQuarter+
Belfast has seven geographical quarters and an eighth one in the form of Quarter Accountants/Cuntasóirí in Belfast’s city centre. Notably, the signage is in both English and Irish; the business is in the Cathedral Quarter rather than the Gaeltacht Quarter.
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text: X01883 cairte cuntas iniúchadh accounts audit cuntasaíocht fhóiréinseach forensics cáin tax comhairleacht consultancy

One thought on “Gaeltacht Quarter

  1. FREEthink(er) 2014-07-06 / 10:56 am

    Ah, the myth of the Goidels and the theft of Goidelic by Republicans rears its deformed head once more in a comedic gesture so funny it could have been written for the stage.

    Question for you, if all the people living on Eire were a unified (as best as one can be) race wouldn’t they all have spoken the same tongue or versions/derivatives thereof? As the great Linda Ervine teaches us the Irish Language belongs to all Irish, north or south, orange or blue (St. Patrick’s Blue being the original green, don’t you know!) and this is yet another attempt by so-called Republicans (who are in actuality anything but) to carve a niche for themselves and it is pathetic. As the joke goes, “I would like to say a few words in Irish (because that’s all I know!)’ boom-boom! My point? Goidelic belongs to all communities. If certain sections of Belfast continue to work against unity and continue to try and cut a niche for themselves, to make us believe they are somehow ‘different’ or ‘special’ or ‘other’ then this City will never be united. And it is just this kind of underhand, selfish behaviour that does as much damage to peace and unity as any Orange parade or any flying of the Union Jack. It is this micro-carving, this micro-positioning that is splitting Belfast into even tinier fractures, the result of which will be that it will never heal (the real aim of Republicanism), and of course the result of that will be that the (Republican) hands will get further outstretched to the UK and Europe for pleading for cash to fund yet more quangos, NGOs NPOs and symposiums, all of whose sole purpose will not be to find lasting peace, or arrive at concrete conclusions, but merely to fund salaries for the same old gangsters who are not really interested in a Republic at all, but merely feeding their own habits.

    Of course the laugh about the myth of the Goidels and its supposed ties to Republicanism is the fact that i) No one outside Eire gives a hoot about the language, ii) It is useless for trade and business outside Eire (probably inside too!), iii) The vast majority of Goidels are educated in, or consider English their first language – how ironic, the Colonial language now dominares long after the Imperialist have left, iv) Goidelic amounts to like what? One minor channel on TV, GT4 that no-one watches. And how about other forms of entertainment? How about West Life, BoyZone, Daniel O, OTT, Sinead, Cranberries, U2, Thin Lizzy, The Corrs, The Undertones, The Rats etc. etc. what language do they sing in? What language is written on your cash, Euro or GBP? I could go on, but you get my drift.

    I just wish that Republicans could be honest for once, really I do. Instead of constantly trying to reinvent themselves, their history, their ‘uniqueness’ their struggles, and move themselves away from common-ground, just accept the facts, the truth, the historical record and be at peace. If they really want a united Eire then actually work towards that not against that. If that’s a goal, then it will not happen without the currency of English. If that is on the agenda, then it certainly will not happen if all citizens of Eire have to stop speaking the world’s common language overnight. And with it, renounce the legal system, telecommunications systems, the internet, education, the financial system etc.; all will have to be re-drawn, and re-programmed to function in Goidelic – because otherwise that would be a complete sell-out as you would still be using your master’s colonial language… Why am I the only one to see this…?

    If you want to be a proud Goidel then be my guest and from this day forth renounce your dependence on my Imperial language and all its structures and protocols and speak only Goidelic, read only Goidelic, watch only Goidelic, and listen to only Goidelic. And take not another British penny in dole, housing benefit, or funding, take only the Punt Éireannach. Good luck to you!

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