Viva Palestine

2014-08-04 VivaPalestineFlags+
Two images of the “Viva Palestine” message on Sliabh Dubh/Black Mountain, the first with Palestinian, Irish, and other flags in the foreground, the second shows the Springhill memorial flying a black flag in the foreground.
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Copyright © 2014 Extramural Activity
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2014-08-04 VivaPalestineBlackFlag+
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Copyright © 2014 Extramural Activity
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2 thoughts on “Viva Palestine

  1. Republicans for despotism 2014-08-10 / 7:10 pm

    This is like a sad provincial joke, and yet a further indictment of the dishonest R/N/C ‘community’ leadership acting with utter hypocrisy.

    That side of the perceived ‘divided’ has always tried hardest to appear to be champions of democracy, freedom, and liberty, and yet the fact that one opinion (whose opinion?) is constantly being broadcast to an entire City regardless of choice is an utter travesty of justice and an act of pure despotism. The use of Black Hill (a ‘mountain’ it ‘aint!) by a minority section of the Belfast population to depict messages that they, and only they deem appropriate is fascism in its extreme, and yet no-one sees this? How come? Where is the democracy, the human rights, the freedom, the lack of oppression and censorship when it comes to our citizens? Are we not worthy? Democracy for Palestine, but not for Belfast, is that they rule? One minority section of the R/N/C ‘community’ maintains it for their own dictatorial ends, to broadcast and intimidate an entire population. What if I disagree with any message on the Hill? What if I don’t wish to see the beautiful natural environment destroyed by hillside graffiti? Where is my choice? my option? Where are the democratic principles of the R/N/C ‘community’ then? They question Israel, and any other state they don’t like. They question everyone but themselves (they are always right!), yet hey don’t seem to get that fact that the despotism that is being carried out in Israel is exactly the same (obviously to a lesser extent) as their own actions. And yet they laud and parade and pat themselves on the back as being somehow in solidarity with worldwide socialist causes when they are anything but.

    And a last point, why ‘viva?’ Why indeed? Because whichever despot put their message on our Hill wants to evoke the Cuban Revolution. Clearly these fools must be living in a fantasy land. They have linked one ‘community’ (without permission or ballot) which is part of the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) together with the State of Palestine (no connection) which they have then tried to link to another country that has no connection; Cuba… wow, that is some act of framing going on there, Frank Luntz would be proud of these fascists who tell us what messages to read. It is like a Twitter account that you must receive but aren’t allowed to Tweet back on; you will obey, this is for your own good, keep silent, the R/N/C ‘community’ is democratic, just don’t look behind the curtain and don’t question, distension is undemocratic. .

    So, thanks for asking for my vote about what I want to see on the Hill, which, if you are interested, would be the same as most people… a HILL i.e. nothing. If you have an opinion, great, share it on a blog, Twitter or Facebook, somewhere private and OWN your opinion, instead of this pathetically parochial bullying of an entire free and democratic City.

  2. Barry Jones 2014-09-09 / 6:23 am

    Republicans for despotism

    You’re a fucking tosser. That’s all I have to say on this matter and about your! Have a nice day.

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