Stad An Slad/Stop The Slaughter

2014-08-07 StadAnSlad+
This is a new board at the Crumlin end of Brompton Park – launched on August 6th by Gerry Kelly and members of the Cliftonville football team – in support of Palestine and Gaza, and in particular protesting the deaths of four boys on the beach at the port of Gaza on July 16th. Painted by Mickey Doherty. The image of the man carrying the boy is from Reuters. The wide shot, below, shows the “peace” line and union jacks flying at the camp at the Crumlin-Woodvale-Twaddell roundabout.
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2014-08-07 StadAnSladWide+
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One thought on “Stad An Slad/Stop The Slaughter

  1. Gerard Kelly 4 Zion 2014-08-27 / 6:53 pm

    A question for you. In the Islamic faith, depiction of the Prophet محمد (peace be upon him) is considered blasphemous, so I am wondering if depictions of hands and faces are blasphemous in the Catholic tradition too? The reason I ask is that on each and every mural in Belfast, they are rendered with such utter and abject incompetence that it can’t just be the lack of artistic talent on the part of the ‘artist’ (stifled laugh) – so I am thinking it is a deliberate artistic stance governed by age-old religious doctrine in the catholic faith, but Wikipedia reveals nothing. Anyway, certainly this masterpiece is no different, so I am not sure if I should praise the adherence to doctrine and scripture in the face of artistic danger, or laugh.

    And whilst we are on the critique tip, you have to admire the sheer enjoyment that is so self-evident in the blood spurts on the Palestinian flag. The… what shall we call them? … because they are clearly not an artist… maybe ‘man with brush?’ Yes, the ‘man with brush’ clearly spent a good deal of time trying to flick the paint so as to get the best, most lifelike effect – or what they imagine is the most lifelike. One cannot help but wonder if a wee hood wasn’t shot so as the blood spatters could then be copied. Then again, shooting wee scallywags and petty criminals is not considered barbaric in Republican quarters… the bias displayed in such a value judgement is beyond my immediate comprehension!

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