Man Against Machine

2014-09-01 GazaTankFlag2+
Above is a detail from the Gerry “Mo Chara” Kelly mural at the northern end of Springhill Avenue: a lone figure in Palestinian colours is about to hurl a molotov cocktail at a tank in Israeli blue-and-white with a (reversed-Nazi) swastika on its side.
The full mural is shown below. The portion to the left appeared in Palestine Abú and the portion to the right in Hellfire.
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Copyright © 2014 Extramural Activity
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2014-09-01 GazaSpinghillWide+
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One thought on “Man Against Machine

  1. Bazza 'keeping up with the' Jones 2014-09-15 / 7:44 pm

    Ah, now I have it! From the City that has become synonymous with Games of Thrones, comes another fantasy adventure called ‘Wes’side Story’

    The plot is quite simple (we are simple folk over here) and goes something like this: A) Choose a regime/’struggle’/cause that has no connection to your own life (one that is considered ‘iconic’ works best!), preferably involving brown or black people.
    B) Ignore the troubles you have at home, the sectarian divide, fragile peace, no jobs, no economy, no hope, no future, dependance on the British Imperial state, abject lack of self-determination and servitude to outdated Nationalist ideals, plus a Republic who doesn’t, and never did give a flying fig about you…
    C) Ignore all the real stuff and regress yourself into a fantastic temporal dimension where each and every cause (you deem worthy, or course) manages to align with your own twisted and perverse sense of moral justice, decency, truth (ha!), and honesty.
    D) Ignore the oppression of women under Islam, homosexuals and ‘infidels’ – ignore the stoning, the beheadings and the State-sanctioned terrorism. And whilst you are on a roll, deny the holocaust (a crime in most of Europe), and invent for yourself a global class-struggle of fictitious dimension.

    What next?

    Paint yourself a nice mural! Something for the ‘conflict-tourists’ to see when they take a Black Taxi Tour. Be sure they are able to take a picture from the confines of their cozy Taxi, so they don’t have to stop and spend any money in the local economy (heaven forbid!).

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