Always Avoid Violence

2014-09-06 LetNoManPalestine+
“Let no man pull you so low as to hate him”. In a sermon on November 4th, 1956 (and repeated on other occasions), Martin Luther King, Jr. imagined a letter from Paul to the Christians of America, expressing concern for spiritual life in a capitalist society and appealing for desegregation of society using non-violent methods: “the weapon of love”, keeping in mind “that you are merely seeking justice for him as well as yourself”.
Click for audio – the remark quoted occurs at the 3 minute mark of section 4 ( | Text (1958) – see page 7 (= 344)
The image below shows the site in mid-August, without the pro-Palestine boards (for an Irish-language version of which see An Phalaistín/Palestine; the image above is from the first week of September, 2014.
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One thought on “Always Avoid Violence

  1. Republicans Exploit Blacks 2014-09-18 / 8:10 pm

    So the inevitable questions would be:
    i) Would MLK jr as a pacifist feel comfortable with his posthumous image being seconded a) by political representatives of a know terrorist organisation, b) used in connection with xenophobia and antisemitism? I’d have to take a ‘no’ on that one,
    ii) What possible connection has the eminent Dr. King with the political party Sinn Fein? Why are they ‘branding’ Dr. King and exploiting him (without payment) with their corporate logo?
    iii) In 2014, why is Sinn Fein still in favour of oppressing the negro and exploiting their eloquence, power, and potential?
    iv) Why are Irish nationals, especially women marginalised in favour of importing such exterior, alien imagery, and rhetoric which has no connection whatsoever to anything Northern Irish?
    v) How do the local residents, and those in the wider C/N/R community feel about this? Were they consulted?

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